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Woofabago 2011 Is Almost Here!

Well, it is I again, David’s faithful webmaster and have I ever been busy!  As many of you know David is moving from CA to Maine.  For most people a move of this magnitude and distance can be a little overwhelming.  Now throw in to the mix, the Tara Foundation.  So David has sought help from from friends, fans and dog lovers.

Over the past few days the group of us have been emailing each other back and forth about the trip that starts on Monday the 12th. That’s tomorrow as I write this.  I haven’t had the chance to jump in to the emails as much as I’d like to because I am swamped with work making sure I can get all the work done I need to get done so I can afford to take the next few weeks off.  But, I have been reading the many replay all emails over the past few days and what a fun bunch..  I have never met any of these people other than David but I already feel as though I know these people.

David believes that we are all “lunatics” for willing to take part in what has become known as Woofabago 2011.  25 dogs, 11 people, 3 RV’s, 3148 miles, 4 days.  Maybe we are?  Though I see us as a few fans and a few friends who just want to help a nice guy out and even more importantly, help out the dogs of the Tara Foundation.

So, what to expect over the next few days here on David’s site.  First of all, I got a little cheap HD video camera that I plan to have on one of the RV’s.  I also went out and got the Droid Bionic!  This phone has a 1080p video camera and takes 8 MB photos.  So, when I am not driving I plan to be taking photos,Golden Retriever Puppy shooting some video and posting travel updates from the road as we make our way across this great country.  Of course this is my plan.  I am also one of the drivers, I like to drive, I will be bringing several books to listen to along the way so we will see how the posting goes.  But, it’s with high hopes and excitement that I plan to document this trip from start to finish and then when it’s all done and over with, to put the video together and put it up on youtube for all to enjoy what I am sure is going to be a crazy adventure!

However, should I fail in my duties of updating frequently do not worry about.  One of the “Lunatics” has started a Facebook page for this event and it is of course titled, “Woofabago 2011” You can find the Facebook page here!

So stay tuned, I plan to have comments from David and the Lunatics starting late tomorrow night or early Tuesday.  As it stands we can’t even get the RV’s until at least 1pm, then it’s back to David’s house to fill it up with luggage, food, drink people and dogs.